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If you or a company are digging around your building or office, this can be dangerous as you can accidentally hit and damage a pipe. You need a reliable partner to locate the underground pipes or you can damage the pipes. Our services  for ground penetrating radar, or GPR,  to locate  underground pipes can save you a major headache and money by locating the underground pipes at your location in NYC. Clearwater Plumber is the first choice in NYC for underground pipe location for over 10 years.

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How It Works

underground pipe

Finding a water pipes location in NYC  can be a difficult task since you do not know how deep to look. At Clearwater Plumbing we use GPR to map the location and depth of the water pipes. GPR, or ground penetrating radar, gives not only the location of  your pipes but their size and depth. It also detects pipes that are non-metallic. If you are looking for help with Pipe Locating Services, Clearwater Plumbing offers you the professionalism and technology to get the job done right.

How do you locate pipes?

We use Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR, to look undergroud. This can locate pipes and their depth. This technology is also call GPS, or ground penetrating sensor.

What are the advantages of GPR?

GPR is many advantages. First it can locate pipes make out of any material including plastics, PVC, and concrete. It is safe to use in public spaces and it cost less than other underground mapping technology.

Why do i need to know the location of my pipes.

A broken water pipe can damage your building quickly and it can be expensive to repair.  Our service can detail safe areas to dig and how deep you can excavate an area.

What type of underground pipes can i have?

While water is the main underground pipe it not the only one. You can also have electrical pipes, septic pipes and tank, as well as natural gas lines.

When should i start a underground pipe location service?

Ideally you should know the location of your pipes before you start the job. This way there will not be any delays to your project. If you break a pipe during the job, this can cause of costly delay.




Happy Customers

The technicians who helped out with this job were very professional, courteous, & helpful. They answered all my questions. I am happy with both the services and the price.

Richard Samuel

We contacted Clearwater Plumbing when our heating system in our offices stopped working, and we’re so glad we did! They arrived within an hour of my call for help. They gave us a fair price quote and started work right away. Sean, our technician, called for backup and had everything fixed within 2 hours! We will definitely call Clearwater Plumbing if we ever have plumbing issues again!

Susan Ramos

Great work done by the team at Clearwater Plumbing! They are fairly priced, give great advice, and performed excellent work. The technicians were extremely professional; no messes left! I would absolutely recommend them and in our office they are on call for any future plumbing and heating issues!

Donald Grames

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