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If you want green plumbing in NYC and top quality services, call Clearwater Plumbing. We combine sustainable plumbing technologies with the most modern in plumbing expertise. Our plumbing solutions strives to conserve water from toilets to showers. We can replace your old, wasteful toilets and other equipment with new, Eco-friendly solutions that are environmentally friendly. The best part is that because environmentally solutions consreve water, you save money in the long run.

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How It Works

green plumbing

Offices you need to bring fresh water in and sewage going out. Green plumbing involves finding want to increase the efficiency in both. For example, each flush of the toilet can use 5 or 6 gallons of water. A more efficient system can use only 1.5 to 2 gallons of water for each flush. We can replace shower heads that use one third of the amount of water during a shower. Whether it is for an apartment, office or building, green plumbing provides savings in the long run and we can discuss how we can save you money and conserve resources.

What is green plumbing?

Green plumbing tries to conserve your water usage. Every time you flush a toilet you can use 6 gallons of water. With an Eco-friendly toilet you can use only 1.5 gallons of water.

How can Clearwater Plumbing help with green plumbing?

Clearwater Plumbing will conduct an audit of your plumbing and will pinpoint areas where you can conserve your water usage. We will work together to find the plan that works best for you and install it

Where can clearwater help me with green plumbing?

In every office you have water coming in and going out. We can help with both of these. We can recommend more efficient ways to use water and the best way to dispose of used water.

What are some green solutions to my home?

Two solutions are to your toilet and shower. We recommend installing low flow toilets. This item use up to 80% less water.

Is there a green solution to hot water?

Yes, we recommend a tankless water heater. This system heats water on demand instead of a large water heater that stores a large amount of water in a heating tank. This solution can save you 20% to 30% of your heating cost.



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Happy Customers

The technicians who helped out with this job were very professional, courteous, & helpful. They answered all my questions. I am happy with both the services and the price.

Richard Samuel

We contacted Clearwater Plumbing when our heating system in our offices stopped working, and we’re so glad we did! They arrived within an hour of my call for help. They gave us a fair price quote and started work right away. Sean, our technician, called for backup and had everything fixed within 2 hours! We will definitely call Clearwater Plumbing if we ever have plumbing issues again!

Susan Ramos

Great work done by the team at Clearwater Plumbing! They are fairly priced, give great advice, and performed excellent work. The technicians were extremely professional; no messes left! I would absolutely recommend them and in office are on call for any future plumbing and heating issues!

Donald Grames

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