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Radiant heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat any space in an office. Clearwater Plumbing specializes in the design, layout, and installation of radiant systems. Instead of air vents, radiant heating is set in the floors so the heating is evenly distributed throughout your office. Best of all the heating units are in the floors so it takes up no space. If you want radiant heating installed or repaired in NYC, call Clearwater Plumbing for the best service and price.


How It Works

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A commercial radiant heating system uses heating coils in the floor to transfer heat into each room. The coils are heated by hot water generated by the heating system. This is a much more efficient heating system than older systems that depend on push out heated air. Best of all this system is quiet and gives cleaner air. Radiant in-floor heating can be used on any type of floor that can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees. Tile, wood, concrete, carpet — it doesn’t matter!

What is radiant heating?

Radiant heating is a revolutionary heating method that puts heating units in the floor instead of using a furnace heating system and vents. Heating no longer relies on a air blowing system but the heat comes up through the floor. This is more efficient and does not need a air blower to move the heat.

How is radiant heating different?

Instead of using air vents or radiators, radiant heating places the heating elements in the floor boards. A steam of hot water is run through the heating coils to spread out the heating evenly throughout your office.

will using radiant heating save me money?

Yes. Radiant heating will save you between to 20% to 30% off your heating cost.

How much does installation of radiant heating cost?

Unfortunately it can be expensive since it involves installation of the heating elements in your floors. However, you get an instant return since your heating cost will go down 20% to 30%.

What are the advantages of radiant heating?

First, radiant heating is cheaper. It is also quieter. Since the heating does not use air ducts, the air quality is higher and does not circulate dust throughout your office. Finally no dead zones. Since the heat if evenly distributed through the floor, there are no cold area but instead the area if evenly heated.



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Happy Customers

The technicians who helped out with this job were very professional, courteous, & helpful. They answered all my questions. I am happy with both the services and the price.

Richard Samuel

We contacted Clearwater Plumbing when our heating system in our offices stopped working, and we’re so glad we did! They arrived within an hour of my call for help. They gave us a fair price quote and started work right away. Sean, our technician, called for backup and had everything fixed within 2 hours! We will definitely call Clearwater Plumbing if we ever have plumbing issues again!

Susan Ramos

Great work done by the team at Clearwater Plumbing! They are fairly priced, give great advice, and performed excellent work. The technicians were extremely professional; no messes left! I would absolutely recommend them and in office are on call for any future plumbing and heating issues!

Donald Grames

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